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Cake Orders

  • Our pound/Bundt cakes are available for individual and corporate orders. 

  • To place a corporate order please contact us via telephone or email. 

  • You can submit an inquiry form to have an invoice sent or you can order from our online store. 

  • Tropical and Infused cake flavors will have an additional charge.

  • If you would like a customized buttercream cake, please email or fill out the form on our contact us page.

Pound Cakes

Our pound cakes are perfect for your holiday functions including holiday office parties. Would you like to gift this item? Let us know! Pound Cakes feed 15-18 people . *Shipping is available,click Shop*

rum cake, cinnamon roll cake, coquito, red velvet cake, lemon cake

Classic Pound Cakes - $55

Cinnamon Roll 

• Cinnamon roll pound cake topped with a vanilla glaze

Tropical Twist

A zesty lemon pound cake topped with a passionfruit glaze that's sure to send your tastebuds to a Caribbean Beach.

Mama's Rainbow 

Vanilla pound cake with rainbow swirls topped with a vanilla glaze

Tropical Infused Pound Cakes - $65

Island Buzz ($70)

Vanilla Rum cake with a rum glaze.


• A coquito pound cake topped with a coquito glaze and cinnamon sugar.

**Made with coquito**

Velvet Bai

• A baileys red velvet with chocolate chips inside topped with a baileys glaze. 

Seasonal Pound Cakes - $60

Southern Bell Praline

Pecan pound cake topped with a praline glazed and toasted pecans.

Southern Maple 

Maple cake drizzled by our mouth-watering maple glaze.

Pumpkin Spice 

• Pumpkin Spice cake topped with a delicious brown sugar glaze

Cupcake Icing

Contact Nikki Now!

Do you have any questions, or want to reserve a cake or other baked goods? Contact us now.

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