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Make more money in your cake business with rum cakes

ENROLL in Money Making Rum Cakes

Receive insider secrets to making Caribbean rum cakes just like my granny used to.


Not Sure If You Should Start?

Make a wave in your summer sales by offering our infamous rum pound cake to your customers. 

  • This recipe is guaranteed to have your customers coming back, over and  over again.

  • Consumers generally spend any amount of  money on rum infused products.

  • Our recipe is a fool proof recipe that is easy to make. 

  • This cakes generates money all year round, including Summer and Holidays.

Our rum pound cake has been a hit with our customers for over five years, and counting. Our course is designed to provide you with insider secrets on how to not only how to make the cake but also how to make it a #1 seller in your business. 

Your Investment includes

Training 1-

Foundation of baking with rum

The number one rule for baking with rum is: The rum matters! In this training you will find out why it does and we will also share with you the secret ingredient. We will also share tips on keeping your rum cake moist and filled with rum from your kitchen to the consumers table. 

Training 2-

Batter Up

In this training you will receive step by step on how to create the perfect batter. This includes having your ingredients at the perfect temperature, as well as your oven. 

Training 3-

Rum Syrup Mixology

Are you ready to become a mixologist? In this training you will be shown how to make our rum syrup; which includes the do's and don'ts

Training 4-

Soak up the rum

It's almost time to eat the cake, but first we wait! Have you ever wondered how to get a cake to retain rum? Find out in this training just how to do that. 

That’s not all… you've got bonuses

DM support (Valued $125)

Printable Recipe (Value $10)

Packaging Ideas (Value $29)

Sales and Marketing Tips (Value $199)

Coupon off of my next course (Value $10)

 That's $373 in TOTAL 


Meet the Instructor

Nikki Bryan resides in Miramar, FL, but she is a virgin island's native that decided to open an online bakery to serve other Caribbean natives who were missing desserts from "back home". Initially opening her bakery was a way to make ends meet while she worked her 9-5 job back in 2015. But baking has always been a passion she learned from my granny, Dee. Her hospitality, kindness and recipes influenced Nikki's business in many ways.


In between 2018 and 2019, Nikki's mentor Chef Amanda Schonberg planted a seed in her mind about constantly saying prayers and affirmations over her business. In 2019, with consistency, hard work and maximizing her recipes and time, those prayers and affirmations manifested. She gained several celebrity clients and was featured and published in several magazines and blogs, such as The Knot and Inside South Florida TV show on WSVN.


D'Delicious Delicacies is now known for offering island inspired and infused dessert cakes and cupcakes with elegance. Nikki now teaches bakers how to maximize their recipes to grow their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a LIVE course?

This is not a live course. The course is  pre-recorded in order for you to watch at your own pace, and allow me to be available to provide DM Support. 

How long will this training be available to me?

This is course is available to you with lifetime access to the link. 

Is this course refundable?

This is course is not refundable.

Can we email or DM with questions? 

Yes, DM support is a Bonus included with the purchase of this course. 

Is the recipe included in this course?

Yes, you will receive a printable recipe with this course.

Work Desk

Its time for you to create the same buzz in your business. Enroll now to make more money with rum cakes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase returning clientele and generate more income in your business with just ONE cake.

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