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Our Sweet Changes

Whew, it has been a year, and I'm talking about 2020, 2021, and 2022. It literally felt like those years were combined into one year. We have had so many changes take place during that time and we appreciate you all for staying loyal and supporting our business. This year w

e are reclaiming our place in serving our community.

Last year we announced that we were switching to only offering cupcakes but then we ended up adding select custom designs to the menu. But unfortunately due to various reasons, we will no longer be offering custom cakes after May 2023. I know, I know, we enjoy making them for you all as well but I have to respect my body. To be transparent, I don't want to have to ever close D'Delicious Delicacies down permanently so I rather make changes to what we offer so that we can continue to serve our community. However, we are giving our clients one last opportunity to purchase a custom cake from us. If you would like to reserve a custom cake for 2023, you can purchase a $25 retainer voucher from now until May 7th. Click here to purchase your retainer voucher.

Going forward, we will be adding new pound cake flavors that will be available through our online store in addition to what is already available. In addition to that, we will be offering more online baking classes. First up, is our rum cake! For more details click here.

We will also be bringing back our Dee Cares Program. If you don't know, Dee Cares was a part of our business when we first opened where we would gift a family in need with a celebration cake. With the relaunch of this program, we will instead save all of the tips we receive from you to donate to back-to-school drives and give back to families in need during the holiday season. We will share more details about this later this month.

All in all, we are super excited to continue serving our community. We are looking forward to fulfilling your dessert needs.

P.S - check my latest appearance on CanvasRebel Podcast, click here.


-Nikki B.

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