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The Knot Wedding Magazine Feature

Phew! It has been a while and I have missed you all. Today, I want to share with you all a feature that wa dropped into our email on the 7th from The Knot Wedding Magazine. If you have been a part of the D'Delicious Delicacies family since last year, then you heard about the feature last summer in the printed magazine. And it seems that this year they published an additional article on their website of this beautiful Colorful Sri Lankan and Jamaican Fusion Wedding at Miami Beach Botanical Garden in Florida.

This was my second wedding cake in my entire cake career. The bride Adrienne tasted my cake at a party and searched for my business to do their wedding cake. Although I was initially nervous, I got the job done and everyone loved the cake. So, thank you to Adrienne and Jeevan for choosing and trusting D'Delicious De

licacies for your wedding cake needs.

Anywho, run and go check out the enttire feature of this beautiful wedding.

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